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New Applicants

We no longer accept walk in applications.
Click the "Create Applicant Account" button on the top right to apply.

Please ensure that you have uploaded an up to date resume and cover letter in order to be considered for a position.


Current Employees

  • Do NOT create a New Applicant Account if you are a present employee.


  • We ask that you visit your Competencies page and view your current SKILLS. It is very important to ensure your skills remain current and that you renew any licenses or qualifications prior to their expiry. This includes:

Alberta Security Guard License,
First Aid (all levels), and
Any other qualification for you to perform your duties.


  • Please visit the Job Postings sections and take a look at our current competitions. You can now apply for these positions directly through your MyCSA account.


Employee Handbook now available in the Operations section of MyCSA

2017 Income Tax T-4 Slips are now available under the Personal/Tax Slips tabs.     

Employees who require assistance accessing their MyCSA account should call the Employee Support Centre at (403) 244-4664 extension 122, 124 or 140.

As all employees have access to MyCSA, T-4 slips will no longer be mailed.


New Announcement posted regarding communication with our headquarters on April 5, 2018

Thank you and we hope you have a great day! 


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